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100: Music, Literature, & the Arts
200: Career, Communication, Money, & Computers
300: Family, Health, & Self-Improvement
400: Cooking & Culinary Experiences
500: Wine, Spirits, Beer, & Entertaining
600: Home & Garden
700: Arts & Hobbies
800: Recreation, Fitness, & Dance
900: Tours
1000: One-to-One Instruction
2016 Class Catalog

There are over 160 classes in ten categories this year. Your favorites are back along with at least fifty percent new.  Select the category on the left to browse the classes.

Music, Literature and the Arts (100)
classes help you tap into your creative side or expand your knowledge of the arts with classes on music history, gallery tours and writing.

Career, Communications, Money and Computers (200)
classes provide you with practical advice and skills such as estate planning, iPhone app development and interviewing for a job.

Family, Health and Self-Improvement (300)
offers classes to promote your well-being such as meditation, dressing with style, and eating mindfully.

Cooking and Culinary Experiences (400)
includes a broad range of cooking and food appreciation classes including a preview offering from one of Nashville’s finest chefs, exclusive behind-the-scenes restaurant experiences and a peak into the kitchens of some of the area’s best home cooks.

Wine, Spirits, Beer, and Entertaining (500)
classes offer unique opportunities to sample rare wines, learn how to make the latest cocktails and elevate the look of your event with beautiful tablescapes and floral design. 

Home and Garden (600) 
will help you spruce up some aspect of your home - inside and out - with classes such as interior decorating, green home design, and planting a beautiful garden. 

Arts and Hobbies (700)
classes can offer you a hands-on introduction or a chance to develop deeper skills as you experience painting, pottery, woodturning and other hobbies.

Recreation, Fitness and Dance (800)
classes will help you get more healthy and fit by taking you outdoors to try fly fishing, or offer a chance to try a new form of exercise in one of our on-campus studios.

Tours (900)
will take you behind the scenes into Nashville’s galleries or out on the roads to learn more about our city.

One-on-Ones (1000)
are a fantastic opportunity for you to tap into the expertise of many talented professionals for an individualized session, such as home organizing, songwriting or tree pruning.

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